Hi, my name is Traci Tucker (obviously). I am a single 41 year old female who lives on the western side of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Why have I created this page?

I wanted to create a kind of hub for all of my work and the things I am affiliated with. This includes future ideas that I hope one day will come to fruition.

A little about me:

I was born in Port Lincoln, South Australia and lived most of my adult years in other areas of the state, such as Roxby Downs and Adelaide. I am a qualified Architectural Draftsperson. I was in this line of work on and off for approximately 16 years. I was also working as a CAD manager and owned my own fast food takeaway business. Some years ago I moved to Victoria with my mum and my life has pretty much changed. I ceased working primarily in the Architectural and construction fields, and started work in the community sector as well as undertaking a Counselling course. I worked in mental health, residential youth work, corrections, security and even as a retail assistant in adult shops (and yes it is an interesting job). Further to this, I studied additional courses such as Criminal Psychology and Management. I have always found a way to keep busy and have either worked and studied every day of my life. I have just completed the Bachelor of Counselling and have recently turned a small market business into a shop front with my mother. As you can see I do like to keep busy.

My passion for writing has become quite strong. I write casually for Weekend Notes and am in the process of writing a number of books, which I hope to have published one day.

I have a desire to cook and often find myself in the kitchen, so you may end up seeing quite a few recipes on here or other sites that I write on. I love animals, cars and studying. My life is never boring or dull.

Anyway thanks for reading my story and visiting my page. I hope you find it interesting and see things that inspire you or make you giggle every now an then.

Until next time,

Traci T.