When purchasing a bean bag bed online through Snoozeez they do NOT come filled with beads.

These will need to be purchased separately from your local retailer or shopping centre.

Included in the price is one printed outer cover and one empty inner bag.

Both the cover and inner bag have large zips so that they can easily be filled, removed and washed.

For this large round bed you will require 1 x 100 litre bags of beads.

Size: 1.0m across

Quantity: Only one available

Outer cover:
The outer cover is made from soft labrador printed fleece on the top and black fleece material on the bottom.

Inner bag:

The inner bag is made from cotton material on both top and bottom.

Postage: FREE to anywhere in Australia.


Fill the inner bag with the required beads as mentioned above and then zip up the inner bag. Once filled place into the outer cover and zip up the bed. Put the completed bed on the required surface where your pet/s will sleep. You can always entice them onto the bed with dry treats. Do NOT force or throw your pet onto the bed as they will get scared.

For further instructions on the use of Snoozeez bean bag beds including washing instructions, please go to the Instructions menu on our website: http://snoozeez.com.au/instructions/

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  • Comfortable: Soft fabric
  • Hand-made: Made with love
  • Innovative: Original Snoozeez design
  • Lightweight: No heavy parts
  • Made in Australia: Locally designed and made
  • Stylish: Impressive prints and colours
  • User Friendly and Practical: Easy to use
  • Washable: Removable outer cover
  • Item #: LBBRo-L(B)
  • Manufacturer: Snoozeez Pet Bedz & Accessories