Kia Ora everybody.

We have undertaken our New Zealand holiday and have returned home to Melbourne, Victoria.

It was an amazing yet busy holiday. We tried to fit in as many sites as we could within the week long exploration. Unfortunately some of our plans were changed due to time and distance restrictions, however we saw so much of the amazingly beautiful South Island. With green everywhere and a fair amount of rain, it is a very inviting and remarkable place.

The night before we left our neighbours came over to investigate into the process of feeding the zoo here at home. We were so lucky to have them across the street. They love our animals and our animals love them. We made sure everything was ready including a large amount of frozen home made meals for the dogs and cat food for the felines. I missed my fur babies so much when we were away. It was the first time I had been away from my dogs. I was glad to see them again upon our return and from their reaction, they were very happy to see me.


The morning of our flight, we got up super early, approximately 4:30am. I couldn’t believe I woke up before the alarm – I was very excited. The taxi arrived at 6am and took us to the airport. We decided to have breakfast as we had a little bit of time to kill and we had not eaten. While waiting for our food, photos we started taking photos of Kiwi Girl.

20160123_071049We booked in and went through customs. I had no idea what I was doing. I had gone through customs in Sydney when boarding a cruise but this was so much different. Arms and legs going everywhere to grab the forms to fill out and then the long winded waiting game to stand in front of a screen to have your photo taken. We got through  and made our way to the gate. The flight was on time and before we knew it we were on board and up in the air.


I have to admit right here, that I am not a very good flyer. I am ok with it and able to do it without getting sick or anything (except for one time flying to Perth a few years ago)….. I take things on board to keep me busy, like laptop, puzzle books, Ipod etc. Because I had all of this stuff with me and was sitting next to the window, I felt a little cramped in. It was ok, I just got a bit hot and sweaty. Whenever I fly, to ease the nerves and to celebrate the start of the holiday, I have a drink. This helped, once I worked out how to pay for it on the little screen in front – we were on Air New Zealand. Although space deprived, it was a great flight. We made it to the land of the long white cloud, which to be honest I didn’t understand what that really meant, but now I completely do. The next stage of our journey was NZ customs. Wow, that took over 1.5 hours! I was not impressed. We landed at 2pm and Britz closed at 4:30pm. This was not a good start to the trip. I had no international roaming on my phone so could not ring. We were stuck. We finally made it through without any problems and rushed around looking for the Britz courtesy bus. After literally running, it arrived and we made to their depo at 4pm.

By this time we were both very flustered but excited. My ears were sore from the flight but we were there – in New Zealand. Britz, as well as other companies are run by the same organisation – THL – I had no idea. The instructions were basic but we eventually got underway.




The living / a sleeping area.







Cab area plus kitchen plus upper sleeping area






20160124_084851Upper sleeping area – this is where I slept and it was very comfortable.




20160124_084953Living / kitchen / TV area






20160124_084923Oven and main kitchen area




20160124_084944 The toilet / shower area – yes even Kiwi Girl had to try it out, but I think she was using it wrong. 20160124_084936


We were flustered, hungry and tired. After asking directions from the THL lady, we were at the local Countdown (Woolworths in Australia) purchasing items to stock the van with.


We could now relax a little. The real journey was about to begin……..