Prior to leaving Australia for our holiday to New Zealand, I researched as mentioned before into various places and events we could attend. One of these was the Sheffield Pie Shop. It is very close to our previous destination, Kowai Park Reserve in Springfield and about 40 minutes inland from Christchurch. Since finding out about this place, we have been looking forward to trying their pies. Online when you research into the pie shop, it is announced that this particular shop is famous and has received various awards for their culinary delights. How could we not want to try the food?

We set off down the road from the reserve with stomachs rumbling. It took us next to no time to arrive. When we drove past the place the night before they were close however we pulled over, I jumped out and saw they would be open the next day (today). You see it was a Sunday and we had no idea if country places like this operated outside of the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday business hours. We travelled so far to try the pies that we did not want to have to continue driving past because they were closed.

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We saw the magical glimmer (not really, just trying to make it sound like a heavenly and magical place – which it is) of the store frontage. As we pulled up on the opposite side of the road we noticed a few customers going in but not too many. There were more at BurgerFuel the previous evening. We jumped out and went to cross the road, but as I walked around from the passenger side something weird caught my eye.


This next section has absolutely nothing to do with pies or the pie shop, but I wanted to include random things from my travels into some of the posts on my blog. As I turned my head to see if there were any cars coming before I crossed the road (my mother taught me to be careful on the streets) I saw parked near the back of the van, a tractor. What’s funny or random about that you may ask, well it was big, quiet and right on our backside.


Anyway my stomach rumbled some more so I moved on from the tractor and safely crossed the road. We walked up the front steps and into the magical shop. To be honest the shop was a bit dismal. It looked like any other shop with stock off to the left. It was tiny, cramped and hold on, there they were on display in the glass cabinets – pies, lots of scrumptious looking pies.

20160124_094633 20160124_09462520160124_094855My eyes were transfixed and my stomach did a little happy jig. There were pies and a menu board. Stepping back to take the photo of the menu board I walked into a gentleman walking in. Gees that was slightly embarrassing. I apologised and he laughed. I have no idea what he looked like or how many people were walking in after us, I was just so consumed by the magical pies – and yes they were very magical.

We chose 3 pies, one each and a third to share. I could easily have ordered one of each but that’s just silly – sort of. Mum ordered a steak and onion pie, I ordered a satay chicken pie and we shared a supreme steak bacon and onion pie, although we did try some of each other’s.

As we ordered we explained to the two ladies serving behind the counter how we have travelled a long way from Melbourne, Australia to sample these award winning pies. They were so delighted to know we knew about them back home. They had huge smiles on their faces. They handed us our scrumptious pies and we walked out, crossed the road and sat down at the timber tables provided for customers to use.


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We decided to do this delicately to savour the moment, so we got plates and knives out of the van and cut the pies in half. The pastry was so crisp and the inside oozed out with pure delight. The first bite was slow and absolutely amazing. I have grown up eating pies, but not so much now that I am older. However I have to say without any bias that these pies WERE the best pies I have ever had in my life. They were delicious!

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We sat there enjoying the pies and then savouring the moment afterwards. When we returned to our van to leave, we noticed the line-up for the shop had grown. While we were eating we didn’t even bother to take our attention away from the pies, so we had not noticed the mass of people rocking up. The line was out the door – for pies!


But I get it, I understand why they are so busy and why they are award winning. The pies are amazing and I will remember them for a long time to come. Since returning home to Melbourne, we have spoken about going for another holiday in New Zealand, South Island. We agreed though that the first place we would visit is the Sheffield Pie Shop, for their deliciously scrumptious mouth-watering award winning pies.