The next day I rang the number the non-kiwi lady had provided me. I got through and again was fortunate to speak to a very helpful woman. She explained the Entertainment Book and membership to me. For $65.00 I could purchase a Melbourne Entertainment Book which would be valid until June 2016. With this, I could save $257.00 in total with the book. How could we go wrong with that? As I needed to order the book online, I went to the site the lady told me about. I ordered the book but could not use it to obtain a discount until the book arrived on my door step.

A week and a half later the book arrived. Mum and I celebrated with a few yahoos and a bit of a celebratory dance. We rifled through the book to see what it was all about. There were vouchers galore. These were for all kinds of things including meals, both dining out or takeaway. We knew we would get our money back just on using some of these. This little book would help us saving money on meals and on our New Zealand holiday. Were we excited? Hell yeah!


A few days later we were on the phone to Britz booking our holiday. The New Zealand lady on the other end of the phone was amazing. She was so friendly and helpful. Britz have great staff. We laughed more than we spoke. It makes me want to hurry up and get to NZ to meet all the friendly people.

Neither mum nor I have a credit card, so it now looks like one of us will need to obtain one to pick up the motorhome. It is a minor issue but one that we need to follow. We needed to book in a return drop-off location when we return to Melbourne. As we had no idea where and when we would be travelling whilst in New Zealand, we decided to return the van back to Christchurch – pick up and drop off in the same location. We paid the deposit and booked it all in.

The dates were changed to Saturday 23rd of Jan 2016 to Saturday the 30th of Jan 2016. This was more appropriate for work as we would only need to take off five days- Monday to Friday. We then realized that it would only be four days for leave from work and the 26th is Australia Day, therefore a public holiday in Australia. Australia Day is my favourite day of the year. I am a bit disappointed that we will not be here to celebrate it however we can celebrate it in New Zealand.


The van we booked is a 4 berth, suitable for four people. Although there would only be myself and my mother in the van, it meant we had a large bed each with plenty of room. My sleeping area is above the driver’s seat. I don’t mind climbing up to sleep, it is more appropriate for me than for my 62 year old mother. It has a fridge, stove, microwave, toilet, shower, television and cooking facilities. Two camping chairs were provided to us for free – like a free gift for booking the van.

We then booked in the flights. It was all done. With the van booked, flights paid, all we had to do was pay off the van, get a credit card and check mums passport, which we found out was current. Woohoo almost there.