Not long now and we will be on our way to New Zealand. We ARE getting excited now as the van is paid for, flights are paid for, we have a credit card for van hire bond, kiwi girl, the Wikicamps app for caravan parks and our Entertainment Book. We have been hat excited that we have been researching online as to some tourist places we can visit on our journey. I printed of a map of South Island and have been marking down various locations we could visit. Some are entertainment filled and cost money, others are simply free sightseeing locations. As you can see by the below map, it’s getting very messy and complicated. However rest assured I completely understand it – which I guess is the most important part.Untitled111

Mum and I are interested in a variety of things, such as markets, food, sight seeing etc. We are not really into physical activities but I am happy to try something new on the holiday.

I wanted to see some traditional Maori things. Unfortunately most of these are in the North Island however I did find a living village near Christchurch. It is called the Ko Tane Maori Village. It’s not cheap but will give us a tour, traditional food with Hangi, get to see the Haka and be educated on the Maori way of life including the history. I thought this would be an amazing way to start the holiday. Well in actual fact the first night after picking up the van we will be going into Christchurch, finding a pub, having some drinks and a NZ pub meal – yum yum.

Ko Tane

Mum wanted to see the Puzzle World in Wanaka and I want to see Cadbury on Dunedin. These are relatively inexpensive and helped us to decide on the direction of our NZ route. This means we would be starting at Christchurch and travelling down the east coast. Once down in Invercargill there is a really nice scenic view overlooking the ocean. It is free. Then we could pay to go on the Milford Sound cruise. This is something our neighbours had suggested. It is a great way to see the land and mountains at the south of the island. No its not cheap but the experience would be heavenly.

M Sound



In Queenstown there are various other activities on offer in the area. Time is going to limit us but the ones I am interested in are the Bird Sanctuary (love to se an real life Kiwi Bird), paddel boats, skyline / gondala and bungee jump (lets see how enthusiastic I am when we get there!!!). After Queenstown we head off to Wanaka for Puzzle World, then drive to Lake Tekapo which looks like an amazingly beautiful spot to stop and admire. There are a few markets up the north area but just in case we don’t make it there we decided we must stop at the award winning Sheffield Pie Shop. Its not far from Christchurch and sounds fantastic. The best pies around basically – a must visit and taste of course.





So that’s our plan so far. We may get to NZ and change our minds completely, but for now its something to look forward to and plan for our travels.

We now wait patiently (yeah right) to finally go on this long awaited holiday oh and turn 40.