I knew immediately what I wanted to do for the New Zealand holiday. It was not going to be a fly over and stay in a hotel. I am not a hotel type of woman. It is very limiting staying in one location.  Ever since I was in my early twenties I have wanted to experience hiring a motorhome in NZ. With a motorhome you can travel and sleep anywhere. No hiring a car as it is attached to your accommodation.

To make this happen, we needed to decide which area of New Zealand we were going to visit – North or South. My mother had visited New Zealand many years ago and she fell in love with the South Island. In addition I had asked co-workers who had lived in NZ where the best tourist area was. Although many lived in the North Island which has more of a city feel to it, they suggested going to the South island which is more tourist orientated. I live near a major city in Victoria so decided to go to the south island and be a tourist for a change. An Aussie in NZ, awesome.


To try to coincide flights, van hire and a destination for a holiday is not an easy thing to do. With a van you need a pick up and drop off location. As flights go direct from Melbourne to Christchurch, we decided to use that as our destination. Motorhomes tend to be hired from airports just as with cars. Christchurch is approximately 5 to 6 hours drive from Queenstown, which could easily be done in a day especially with two drivers taking turns. This was important as no doubt we would get caught up in the sites and not plan our return route to the airport appropriately. This was my back up plan.

Summary so far….

  • Holiday will be a week after my birthday in January 2016. Exact dates yet to be determined but somewhere around the 21st Jan to 28th Jan.
  • We will fly direct from Melbourne to Christchurch and fly back from Christchurch to Melbourne.
  • Pick up and return motorhome at Christchurch.
  • Mum and I agreed that the holiday would go for 7 days (one week) after all being stuck in a van with mum and her snoring could only be sustained for that long.
  • Our budget was to be approximately $3000.00 AUS and was to include van hire, flights and fuel – not spending money and food.

Other than mum having to check to see if her passport needed to be renewed, we were set and ready to book this holiday, well so we thought…….