Source: Medium Size Purple and pink Pet Pocket (Sleeping Bag) for sale


Medium Size Purple and pink Pet Pocket (Sleeping Bag) for sale

Product Quantity: Only one available

Colour and Material: Soft Purple and Pink Coral fleece material on the outside with soft plain Purple Coral fleece material on the inside

Size: This is a medium size Pet Pocket – 60cm high x 45cm wide finished size

Purpose: Pet Pockets are designed to act as sleeping bags for your pet and will ensure your pet gets a warm and safe hiding place to sleep

Type of pet: Suitable for cats or small dogs that like to burrow or hide

How to use: Simply place the Pet Pocket on a flat surface and open the end slightly. You can entice the pet by placing some treats at the opening. Do not force animal inside

Further Instructions: Pet Pockets can also be inverted if required

Care Instructions: To wash, simply pull out the inside section of the Pet Pocket to reveal one single loop of material. This can then be placed directly in the wash. Pockets are to be washed in cold water by hand or in the machine

Personal Note: Pet Pockets are very warm and comfortable for your pet

Delivery: Able to post anywhere in Australia only – Delivery is FREE

Product Code: MPP-Sp.PP(Pu)


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