Good evening everyone,

I would like to share with you the below poems, which were published in the SANDS – Miscarriage, stillbirth and Newborn Death Support service this month (July 2014). I was so excited to have one of them posted on the front cover of the newsletter “Where am I now?”. I felt very proud.

The poems were created a couple of years ago for a book I started writing about the loss of my daughter. Writing helped me cope with the pain. I would like to share them with you now.




Where am I now?


I miss you more than words could ever say

The pain is always with me and will never go away

There came a time when I used losing you

As the turning point for my life

Now I proudly walk forward

With you by my side.

You are my strength, my guiding light,

And my reason for being

The darkness is starting to lift and with you by my side, life is worth living.

I will never leave you as you have done to me

But by losing you my strength, I now do see

I use this loss to now help those

Who only see the pain

You have done so much to help them see the sun through the pouring rain

Thank you for helping me to find my true path

I am forever in your debt as you are in my heart


My Story


I held you in my arms

But you never saw my tears

My biggest dream

Turned into my biggest fear

You are forever with me

In my heart you will always stay

I love you my darling daughter

I will see you again some day