Ok here is an interesting bit of information that will probably not be any interest to you unless you have a Coldstream dryer.

Front View

This morning while drying some bedding (mind you I had overstuffed it with a very wet doona), I noticed that it did not have any heat. In fact it was blowing out cold air. Now I like to think of myself as a good problem solver and a little bit handy with electrical house items, so I decided to investigate this myself.

First I tried every possible heat cycle including the airing and crease guard (which mind you was one of the reasons why I chose this brand – fantastic idea, thanks to the German’s), but it did not fix the problem.

Next I panicked for about 10 minutes and kept checking it, thinking somehow it really was working but I could not tell. So after an hour of the dryer being on with only a towel in it, I decided this attempt was now failing. Time to get my thinking cap on.

The next step I tried was to search online for every possible ‘how to’ or video I could find to fix this thing myself. I then turned the whole dryer, which amazingly is not that heavy, on its side to have a look at the bottom. I thought that since I am now a dryer expert thanks to the internet, I could have this thing fixed in a few minutes. But once I turned it on its side I realised the base, which I did not even think there would be one, was a complex design of Phillips head screws and bits and pieces. Yes I do know how to remove screws but by this time my imaginary perfect visualisation I had in my head of how this was going to look, was pretty much dashed. It was time to move to the next part of my plan, not that I had a plan.

I stood the dryer back on its base and again used the internet, but this time I used it to search for someone who could fix it. I contacted a local guy who said he could come and have a look at it for $20.00. In my head I thought this was a fair price. Then I told him the brand – Coldstream. He quickly pronounced that he does not service or work on this brand as parts are impossible to get. Well after sitting there for a few seconds trying to absorb what he had just told me, I politely ended the call and worked on the next step to undertake.

As the man on the phone informed me that I should contact the place I bought it from, I decided to venture down that path. Ok not a bad idea if I could remember the place I bought it from. I looked through my filing drawer in my home office and found every possible manual and service pamphlet for every item in the house, including my 15 year old wall stud finder which doesn’t even work anymore and my old video recorder I no longer have, but I could not find the dryer paperwork. The worst thing is that I have only had it for about 2 years, if that! This is turning into a nightmare. Anyway by this point I was determined to solve this issue one way or another. Time to put my thinking cap on.

In the end I decided that due to remembering the location I bought it from (not too far from home) I searched the maps online and with the use of street search found the name plastered on the front of the business itself. One more problem though, there was a frigging tree blocking the view. Oh come on…….

Thankfully I could read the first part of the text. Its all I had, so I decided to search the name. It took me about three attempts, but I finally found it, Big Mama Factory Outlet“. I was so excited I rang them straight away. I explained the dilemma briefly over the phone. As I continued to tell the guy about the lack of heat and if they have parts and if they service them, he interrupted me and gave me news that made my heart skip a beat and shut me up immediately…..

There is a reset button on the back!

The next part of what I said to him must have made him think my intelligence level was incredibly low. “Where is the back?” What I meant by this is it on the back inside (der) or on the back outside (der again), or on the bottom (der der). He sort of chuckled when he responded, mind you I think he was trying to keep it quiet so that I wouldn’t hear him.  He said that only the Coldstream dryer’s have this. It’s the German engineering at its best.  He kindly explained it was on the back (the normal back). He further explained that you get the dryer running with something in it and then hold the reset button down for 30 seconds. That’s it.

Oh yeah baby, even I could do that.

After the phone call I ran immediately to the laundry. The dryer had been moved in every direction around the laundry and was now almost standing in the centre of the room. I plugged the dryer back in and threw in a damp towel, which I was using to mop up the mess from the very wet doona I had in there earlier on. I turned on the dryer to full heat and for a full cycle. I searched around the back (outside back) to find a reset button. I could not find it. At that time I had this visual image in my head of what the rest button would look like. Obviously by not finding it, that image was not quite correct. This again was not another smart moment of mine. So I searched for anything that did not look like a piece of metal or a screw. Then I found it. It was a white plastic thing protruding from the top of the back of the dryer, not quite in the middle but close. Right at this moment I could hear the angels singing…..

Rear View
The Magic Button


I put my finger on the button. I held my breath. I closed my eyes. Then I pressed the button down. 1,2,3,…. I started counting. It felt like 30 seconds went forever. I finally got to 30 and thought I would add a few more just for luck, after all I was counting in my head and not using a clock or anything. I depressed the button.

Nothing changed.

I felt inside and still nothing changed. Why was it not hot and my towel not dry already? Ok slightly impatient now. It had been a big morning. So I decided to wait. Then wait some more.

I walked slowly back into the laundry and felt in front of the air outlet. Although it was not hot or even warm, it was not cold. I felt inside and had the same response. I gave the dryer time to heat up and dry out the water I possibly may have had in there from the soaking doona. Then I checked it again and you wouldn’t believe it, it was heating up. I put my hand inside to feel the back of the dryer (which I do not recommend you do) and it was hot, in fact it burnt my hand. But I guess that was good news too.

I fixed my Coldstream dryer.

Note to self – do NOT put a soaking wet queen size doona in the dryer ever again!!!

My reason for posting this is that after my constant searching online, I could not find any information about the reset button. It was not mentioned anywhere. Thankfully the kind man on the phone fromBig Mama Factory Outlet told me about it. I cannot remember his name but he was so helpful and kept his laughing down to a minimum when speaking to me.

Anyway I hope this helps and saves you a lot of time and money.

By the way, by the time I finished writing this blog, the towel was dry – yippee.

Good luck and remember it’s German Engineering at its best.

Till next time, Traci T.